Karthik Narasimhan, originates from the Southern Indian city of Chennai.  He obtained his PhD  from the National University of Singapore in the field of Cancer Biology.  He currently resides in Singapore, where he works for a Biotech company.  Although rapid progress has been made in Medicine in the past few decades, lack of awareness, prohibitive costs, and lack of facilities, etc have excluded the underprivileged communities from realizing the fruits of these successes.  Hence with a dream of improving the quality of life of these marginalized communities, he would like to use his scientific training to build awareness  among  the  poor,  about  the  conditions  that  afflict  them  and  the facilities and procedures that are available at hand to alleviate them.

Namita Azad, originates from New Delhi, India.   She completed her Master’s Degree in Public Health with a specialty in Health Administration and Management from Benedictine University, Illinois.   She is currently completing her second speciality in Global Health from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She currently resides in Madison, WI where she also holds a position in management of clinical medicine at UW Health.  Her personal, educational and work experience have clearly exhibited the divide that continues to grow between availability and accessibility of health care delivery to underprivileged communities.  Through the initiative of Grassroots, she hopes to bridge this gap through the powerful tools of education and awareness and give every person the right to take control of their own health.